Enterprise Performance Management

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) implies a broad range of EPM services enabling business users to gain the insights needed to plan effectively, respond to changing market conditions, develop and maintain customer relationships, and improve operational effectiveness. With Enterprise Performance Management services, our goal is to develop and deploy solutions providing the “fastest path to the answer”. Our agile analytics approach aligns business and IT objectives with practical solutions across enterprise programs, projects, and staffing needs.

The fast paced nature of today’s markets requires resilience and agility to navigate and thrive in. Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) as a cross functional discipline is about the provision of tools and application of skills and capabilities that support informed decision making across the enterprise. In Zuerst Digital, we continuously revisit the areas where we believe organisations need to focus to be most efficient and effective in their decision making.

- Key Areas of Expertise

  • Integrated Business Planning
  • Performance Reporting
  • Visual Intelligence
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Data & Information Management
  • Planning, Budgeting, & Forecasting

- Our Approach

- FAQs

We are a professional services firm; we specialize in business resources. Strategic Planning, Operational Efficiencies, Organizational challenges and Business Development. We strive to improve performance, analyze existing organizational problems and develop plans for improvement.   We identify high-value opportunities for our clients that address the most critical challenges that affect their business, assets, income and bottom-line.

We take pride in our ability to learn the fundamentals of virtually any industry or technology quickly. Some of the markets we have served include Internet/e-commerce, FMCG, education/e-learning, manufacturing, retail, consumer products. Having said that, we believe that the value we bring to the table is not industry expertise — which you already possess in abundance — but rather an understanding of what investors like to see in a potential opportunity.

That might not be the case, our rate structure takes a multitude of factors into account and shifts based on clients needs and desired services. If you recognise that there are areas and issues that are negatively impacting your business, then now is the perfect time to build a relationship with a consultant.

Every company has different issue areas, so it is a bit difficult to answer that question. We isolate and evaluate profit-loss areas as well as productivity/efficiency areas and help you remedy them. Our approach combines proven industry experience with the most up-to-date development tools and business concepts. Our appreciation and knowledge of implementing effective business systems is evident in how we achieve optimum results for our clients.

Our rates are highly competitive and 76% of our solutions have a measurable return on investment in periods of 4 to 10 months. Our services hiring models are flexible and aligned with the particular needs of our customers.

To find out more about how the team can help you stay ahead of disruptive change, contact Zuerst Digital, the re-known name in business consulting.

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