About us

- Our Story

Zuerst Digital was founded in the year of 2018. Examster, the first application developed by Zuerst Digital which is fuelling our research and development. After the success of Examster, Zuerst Digital created several successful web and mobile apps and completed contract work for partners from coast to coast.

Examster, made waves in eLearning and healthcare sector. It was a first-of-its-kind pocket-friendly online exam application that allowed healthcare aspirants to move ahead with a global standard professional career. To date, it has reached millions of students globally.

We help companies to align the use of IT with strategy, market research to perform business analyses and to design applications that support business processes. We Make IT even more valuable for your business.

The company focuses mainly on end to end business consulting, which includes application development in various verticals. Currently we have tailor-made solutions for education and retail businesses.

Zuerst Digital started with a team of 5 and today we are a team of 20+ full-time developers. Additionally, the company is working on adding more products in its row. Currently we are developing a cloud-based Inventory management tool.

- Our Culture

Zuerst Digital is a company full of enthusiasts — people with great ideas, boundless dreams and an endless creativity and energy level. We unite on Zuerst Digital and, together, create products that are relied by billions of people worldwide.

We believe that everyone played a significant role in the success of our company. We love that spirit and enthusiasm, and we never want it to lose, so strive hard for an employee-centric atmosphere to ensure that everyone loves coming to work.

It’s simple.
-We are dreamers.
-We work hard.
-We care each other.
-We love what we do.

That’s what makes Zuerst Digital.